Document Production & Copy Typing

DictateNow can transform your handwritten documents or printed text including pdfs and type them into professional well presented documents.

We are thrilled with the benefits which they are deriving from widespread use of the UK based DictateNow outsourced transcription services.

With legal aid firms working on very decreasing margins but still looking to maintain access to justice for clients, DictateNow keeps fixed legal costs down but at the same time to receive a fast, efficient and reliable service.

The firm rely on DictateNow providing experienced legal secretaries with high quality typing.

The Service

Renowned for our work with digital files, our hundreds of home and office based typists are just as comfortable working with handwritten or printed documents, including pdfs and type them into a new professional-looking document that you can edit.

Our service allows you to update documents, including amendments to a legal precedent, templates, manuscripts, rough hand-written notes, correspondence or reports. Typed documents can be formatted or reformatted to add headers, footers, tables, columns, page numbers or any other requirement, so you end up with the document you need.

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How It Works

Simply send us your scanned document to or if it is easier, send the original document in the post and our typists will create a coherent, accurately typed version returned to you I good time, so it is ready for immediate use or to be saved for future reference.

There are a thousand and one uses for our outsourced typing services, but a few of the more popular projects undertaken for clients, include:


  • Amendments to precedents and templates
  • Amendments/additions to contracts
  • Amendments to court documentation
  • Tenders or bid documentation
  • Manuals – Office, Health and Safety, Employment etc
  • Property inventories
  • Bills of costs/invoices
  • Updates for price lists, terms and conditions
  • Mail Merge

Our typists are well-versed in typing-up a spreadsheet from a range of documents or databases to create a single document for you to use for your marketing mailshots.

To deliver truly personalised messages to your clients, we can help you create a set of mail merge documents that are essentially the same, but with each one containing unique elements.

For example, in a letter that announces a new product, your company logo and the text about the product will appear in each letter, and the address and greeting line will be personalised to help engage your prospects more readily.

There is no limit to the ways our hundreds of UK-based typists can help you get closer to your clients, but here are a few things we have helped with in the past:


  • Catalogues
  • Inventories
  • Invoices
  • Labels
  • Envelopes
  • Letters